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Tim Lane, MD Sales APAC
Tim Lane, MD Sales APAC 29 July 2020

Innovative Nestlé POS unit wins at 2020 Shop! Awards

Some chunky results for Nestlé has landed Indicia Worldwide a Global Shop! Award for an innovative POS display…

Tim Lane, MD Sales APAC
Tim Lane, MD Sales APAC 29 July 2020

Some chunky results for Nestlé has landed Indicia Worldwide a Global Shop! Award for an innovative POS display…

Indicia Worldwide has won a Gold Award at the 2020 Shop! Awards, for a point of sale unit for Nestlé in Australia.

Working with design partner id8 Studio, we produced a point of sale system that delivered a huge uplift in sales and impressed judges with its flexibility, cost effectiveness and ability to drive results. 

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Turning airspace into selling space

In our increasingly health-conscious climate, more and more consumers are actively avoiding the confectionary aisle. So, for Nestlé, having a presence at checkouts is vital in order to drive impulsive sales.

As experts in POS manufacturing and POS design, we were asked to create a Nestlé point of sale unit which could be placed in a variety of in-store locations – with the aim to turn airspace around checkouts into selling space.

Seamless integration with stores

Premium, adaptable and effective, the Nestlé Odyssey unit was designed to attach onto existing grocery store hardware.

Various attachments also enable it to be transformed from wall- to free-standing, or even mounted onto checkout displays. The innovative unit seamlessly integrates into a range of store designs – complementing existing décor rather than clashing with it.

Winning back front of store

The Odyssey units turned airspace into prime selling space – allowing Nestlé to win back front of store by keeping products within arm’s reach of shoppers at the checkout.

Aligning with the shopper led “Buy as you need” strategy, supported by independent stores, the unit delivered exceptional results – increasing sales across Nestlé’s ‘gold’ range with impressive uplifts on hero SKUs (KitKat +40% and KitKat Chunky +20%) over two months.

In just 12 weeks, we helped fulfil Nestlé’s objectives and surpassed their sales KPIs.

Global Shop! Award win


Following an initial ‘Gold’ win at the ANZ Awards, the Odyssey unit was granted eligibility into the 2020 Global Shop! Awards where it received top honours. Judges praised the unit’s modularity and simplicity of connection, hailing it “as easy as Lego” and noting that cut-through had been incredibly effective in spite of our increasingly health-conscious consumer environment.

We’re delighted to have helped create this incredible Nestlé point of sale unit and make the Global 2020 Shop! Award win possible.

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