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A global partner

We are your data-led communications agency with global production reach. We’ve designed our proposition to provide a unique service offering, wrapping around marketing's remit to create new value in their work

Leadership team

Indicia Worldwide is the product of three successful businesses, brought together by our parent company Konica Minolta. The vision was, and is, to create new value across the remit of marketing for our clients.

How do we do that?

  • By being more efficient – using data, technology and global production capabilities to deliver your message at scale and speed
  • And by being more effective – using data and human insights to create mutually rewarding experiences for consumers and brands

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Our values and behaviours

Values Collaborative

We are a business that understands and recognises the importance of our people. We appreciate that  the culture we have drives our success and we never take it for granted. We live and thrive through our relationships – with each other, our clients and suppliers.

Values Entrepreneurial

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses. Our aim is to be able to solve their problems as  soon as they arise – if not before. In an uncertain and competitive market, we behave collectively as an agile, challenger brand; solving problems, strategically and creatively  with efficiency and effectiveness. We act quickly to fix something that isn’t right – for our clients, suppliers and our people.

Values Pioneering

We are – in structure, capabilities and ethos – a first in the industry. Our ambition is to lead  our clients to be first too. Creating new value  takes new ideas that are, by their nature, untried and untested. We win when we are brave enough to develop new ways to solve our clients’ problems.

Values Accountable

We provide a service to our clients – and therefore to each other. To work  successfully together, we are accountable to each other for our attitudes and behaviours. We value each other’s time and spend it diligently, because we know that what we do creates  new value for our clients.

A global partner

At Indicia Worldwide, our vision is to create new value. How? By activating data to redefine customer experiences and deliver outstanding results for our global clients.

Our history

Today, Indicia Worldwide is an insight-led marketing and communications agency with global production reach. But how did we get here?

It all began when Konica Minolta acquired print management and creative production powerhouse, Charterhouse in Europe. Next up, Ergo – a Sydney-based print management juggernaut with a heritage in producing world-leading marketing automation across APAC. The final piece of the puzzle? Indicia – a communications agency ready to take its data, insight and creative services global alongside Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS).

Together, we’re Indicia Worldwide – and we’re here to create new value for your brand.


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