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Optimize the ROI of your POS like never before

Discover how you can fix your broken POS measurement with Retail X. 

The POS Predicament

Measuring the ROI of your POS is notoriously difficult. Budgets are tighter than ever and the cost of raw materials is increasing. In a dramatically-changed retail environment, having the ability to accurately measure POS effectiveness and performance has never been more crucial. Enter Retail X.


Retail X is the only platform that allows your brand to calculate the business impact and ROI of your POS. Providing a global view of POS performance, it enables you to understand how and where customers are engaging, so you can optimize campaigns and investment.



Build a performance and data-driven culture 

Retail X allows your central and local teams to test the impact of their innovations by embedding a test, learn and optimize culture. It also enables you to create a better experience for consumers by delivering creative concepts that you know resonate and convert. 

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Balancing spend and sustainability 

We know that when it comes to POS procurement, reducing waste and creating cost efficiencies are top priorities. Retail X enables you to qualify the sales impact of using more sustainable materials and helps you understand whether your customers permit you to be more sustainable at a cost to premium feel. Watch this video to discover how it works:

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Ready to get started with Retail X?

Your POS measurement is broken. Fix it with Retail X. Get in touch for a bespoke demo and to find out how we can audit your ROI now.

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