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Indicia Worldwide CRM Maturity Assessment

Thanks for taking the time to complete the CRM Maturity Assessment, we hope you find the results useful. Please scroll down to view.

Overall Maturity:

You have scored out of 175.

You can read below how you have scored in each of the areas.


Functionality Utilisation

5 - Fully Utilise, 0 - Do Not Use

Functionality Complexity

5 - Complex, 3 - Moderate, 0 - Basic.

You have scored out of 70.


Channel Utilisation

5 - Use, 3- Want to / in progress, 0 - Do not use

You have scored out of 35.


5 - No Frustration, 1 - Very Fustrated

Overall you have scored out of 50.


5 - High Maturity, 0 - Low Maturity

What is your CRM team size?

Who does the majority of your CRM activity?

Overall how experienced & knowledgeable would you say your team are in CRM?

How well do you think your team is resourced?

You have scored out of 20.

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Indicia Worldwide is the only agency that combines creative, data and technology talent with production and procurement expertise, to improve marketing performance and efficiencies. We realise ROI for our clients by helping them deliver more engaging customer experiences. Our people work in 40 markets, over four continents with regional hubs in London, New York and Singapore.

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