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Taking control of Frisko's marketing with Brand Hub Dynamic

“When developing Frisko Pulse Studio for Denmark, it quickly became clear that the technology was one of the most flexible in the market. It delivered on all our needs for local adaptation as well as brand look and feel. Pulse Studio is very easy to work with – and in only a few minutes you will have your first tailor-made POS proposal ready to send for approval or direct to printing. The Indicia Worldwide team worked very professionally and met all the agreed timelines, and like for like, we will also make net savings this year. We look forward to kicking off Frisko Pulse Studio for the 2021 ice cream season.”

Jan Hansen,  Channel & Marketing Lead Frisko, a Unilever company.

The Challenge

Unilever’s Frisko team was looking for a way to reduce spend, allow flexibility of printing, reduce the number of artworks and save on agency fees, all while ensuring brand consistency throughout.

Our Approach

Impressed with our In Touch technology, the Frisko team recognised how Pulse Studio would help them overcome their key challenges of commissioning multiple artwork assets through a variety of sources, with the associated costs. Adopting our eight-week mobilisation plan, the team are delighted to have Pulse Studio, their Digital Asset Management tool up and running creating efficiencies in time and budget.


+ Brand consistency across all printed items
+ On-demand template adaptation for font size and image position
+ Activate multiple sizes from a single design
+ Improved speed to market
+ Reduced waste and warehouse costs, using just-in-time printing



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