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Delivering ROI through customer centricity for heycar

How we helped heycar build a CRM strategy that drives ROI with more leads, higher engagement and increased sales. 

The challenge 

heycar were looking to scale up and mature their CRM platform at speed. They wanted a partner to work closely with and guide their teams through tech optimisation, support and consultancy to ultimately: 

  • Move heycar ahead of their competitors 
  • Cut through and connect with customers  
  • Create engaging, relevant messaging  
  • Deliver ROI even during uncertain economic times 

The approach 

Our martech experts analysed heycar’s CRM platform to identify areas for optimisation and recommend best practice ways of working.  We cleansed and scaled heycar’s email campaigns and workflows, sending nearly 100,000 targeted emails. We deployed our InTouch proprietary tech alongside our CRM partner to increase comms performance and maximise ROI.  

The results 

A customer-centric marketing strategy driving ROI with more leads, higher engagement and increased ecommerce sales. 

  • Streamlining workflows to decrease bounce rate by 44% 
  • Achieving 98% deliverability rate  
  • Increasing email open rate by 4% to 52% 
  • 28% CTR across desktop and mobile from navigation bar optimisation  


“Working closely with the team of experts that Indicia Worldwide have has really been able to help us scale up quicker than we thought we could. By taking that step back and doing a 360 degree overview of where our current journeys are, where the quick wins can be made, and what optimisations we can make in the future, we have been able to see those quick wins come through. We’re seeing higher engagement, more leads and more ecommerce sales. All three are significantly contributing to the wider company goals.” 

Kyran Pick, CRM Executive, heycar 

Watch Kyran Pick, CRM Executive at heycar on partnering with Indicia Worldwide: