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3 Ways To Increase ROI Within Creative Production

Indicia Worldwide’s Head of Creative Production Nick Marlborough, shares what you need to know about creative production to deliver relevant marketing messages to the consumer in multiple channels, at speed and scale.  


Creative production is a term used to describe a stage in the creation of marketing assets which is solely focused on expanding a core message and core creative across as many marketing channels as required.

The last decade has proven transformative for the entire marketing industry, and changing consumer purchase behaviors post-pandemic has evolved creative production from from a functional marketing output to an integral part of a brand’s marketing toolkit. The result is an increase in ROI to deliver cost and time efficiencies across markets.

Additional benefits include:   

  • Maintaining campaign cohesion 
  • Preserving brand integrity
  • Adapting language, dialect, and cultural nuances where relevant
  • Ensuring best practice user experience across multiple channels  

There are 3 crucial steps if you want to help your brand increase creative production ROI: 

1. Adapt creative production to the changing consumer landscape

For brands to remain agile post-pandemic, it’s critical they adapt to meet the changing purchase behaviors of their consumers through their creative production process.

Competitor speed and rising costs are two of the main issues that remain during the on-going pandemic recovery. As the only agency that combines creative, data and technology talent with production and procurement expertise, at Indicia Worldwide we help solve these challenges by enabling our clients to improve marketing performance and efficiencies.  

2. Activate martech solutions 

The on-going evolution of technology offers brands the ability to automate the creative production process through Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools and automation.

Investing in DAM tools allows marketers to localize and download assets within minutes, while keeping costs low. Automating the creative production process delivers high quality, brand consistent marketing materials at scale. 

3. Solidify external partnerships

Appointing creative production agencies as strategic partners (not just transactional vendors) can prove time and cost-effective over the long-term.

For our client Heineken, results included a 25% cost savings and a 37% increase in time efficiency after a creative production partnership was established. Activating a creative production agency provides additional support to increase volume and speed, as well as help brands avoid the time and financial cost of training to upskill team members. 

For global brands looking to meet changing consumer needs, delivery of the right messages, to the right audiences, at the right time is vital for success. 

If you’re interested in activating creative production as an integral tool to increase ROI, grow efficiencies, and maintain brand integrity within your marketing collateral then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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