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3 Ways To Integrate Print Into Your Brand's Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Indicia Worldwide’s Vice President of Operations North America Gareth James, shares what you need to know about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your print management. 


Print management is known as the outsourcing of print production to a specialist partner that manages the purchasing, production, and delivery of marketing print. From direct mail to retail displays, the print category is mostly comprised of branded materials.

While print was suffering in comparison to digital media pre-COVID, it has recently seen a resurgence as an invaluable piece in a brands omnichannel marketing mix. The main contributors to putting print back into the spotlight are: 

  • Digital fatigue from an increase of online messaging  
  • Technology advancements for offline and online integration  
  • Automation from single source platforms to keep brand messaging on-point 

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 steps crucial to integrating print into your brand’s overall omnichannel marketing strategy.   

1. Leverage data and insights to optimize campaigns

Data has become crucial to measuring marketing campaigns and it is also a key factor to making better decisions in print production across the entire supply chain. While data alone cannot drive ROI, understanding data to know where to best apply insights and grow loyalty and profitability is key.

At Indicia Worldwide, we use our propriety technology RetailX to understand how and where customers are engaging within a retail display and use that data to help you optimize campaigns and investments.  

2. Use technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency 

The future of retail is the integration of offline and online campaigns, and technology is the key to connecting the two channels. QR codes have become increasingly relevant to driving offline to online engagement, as well as interactive in-store displays.

3. Tap in to print management partners that value sustainability

Sustainability is a growing topic globally, and it is increasingly beneficial to have print management partners that understand the importance and are able to deliver on those values. A print manager is crucial for building a sustainability roadmap that also focuses on producing sustainable ROI that integrates into your entire marketing strategy.   

If you’re interested in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your print management while integrating it in to your overall marketing strategy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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