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2024: Digital Marketing Trends

Our experts share how brands can get and stay ahead in the world of digital marketing. 

A new year brings change and new challenges. We surveyed our experts in data and digital marketing to discover how brands can leverage the latest trends to drive growth and stay ahead in 2024.

1. New implications for AI

While the initial fears of AI replacing marketers are arguably being alleviated, new implications for data protection have arisen.

Fergus Weldon, Global Chief Data Officer at Indicia Worldwide, shared his insights with Forrester  when interviewed for the June 2023 report, Agency AI Powered Workforce Forecast, 2030 (US)*, stating “Machines will never replace human [creators]. They will only mitigate the challenging aspects, like saving time in the developmental process by offering ideas.” 

2. A focus on first party data

Google Chrome and other browsers have begun phasing out third-party cookies to better protect user privacy. With the third-party cookie phase out, brands in 2024 will be looking for innovative solutions to leverage first-party data in-store to create personalized, joined up customer messaging. 

3. Continued emphasis on short-form video

Short-form video has become the dominant method for brands to get in front of consumers in the always online world. While 90% of marketers are already utilizing short-form videos in their strategy, they have uses beyond social media and in 2024 will be changed and edited to accommodate various channels.

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*The Artificial Intelligence Pathway To The Future of Work, Forrester Research, Inc., June 23, 2023.


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