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Get retail right in 2021 – how to prepare for the ride

Explore the steps you can take to succeed in omnichannel retail – regardless of what 2021 throws at you

2020 has demonstrated that when the pressure is on, smart organisations can get things done fast. Time boxing has proved a powerful way to achieve change.

With the impending risk of continuing COVID-19 lockdowns and disruption, this webinar explores proven steps that brands and retailers can take now to grow omnichannel sales.

Our guest speaker, Insight Retail Group MD Steve Collinge, will be on hand to give a global view of how retailers and brands have adapted to recent challenges. He’ll talk alongside Natasha Willmott, Indicia Worldwide Client Partner and D2C expert.

Read more about how to stay relevant and connected to your audience in our resource: Why consumer centric retail marketing gets results (and how to do it).

This event explored…

  • How brands and retailers can plan now for further restrictions or decline in 2021
  • Which actions, taken during 2020’s crises, have progressed omnichannel most successfully and delivered ROI
  • How are brands solving the problem of acquiring and converting new customers online in the age of GDPR?
  • How we’ve enabled direct to consumer customer acquisition success for brands including Very Group

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The speakers

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Steve Collinge, Managing Director, Insight Retail Group (IRG)

MD of the Insight Retail Group (IRG) and Executive Editor at Insight DIY, Steve currently advises brands on their new normal transformations. He’s held senior commercial roles with LG Harris, Spear & Jackson, Cuprinol and Akzo Nobel, and he established IRG in 2010. In 2011 he launched the Insight DIY website and has since launched the first independent price comparison websites within the home improvement sector. He’s an international thought leader and influencer in all things retail.



Natasha Willmott, Indicia Worldwide Client Partner  

Tash is central to our work to win direct to consumer engagement for brands including The Very Group and ITV. She’s learned just what it takes to build opted-in access to consumers, and how to build communications that engage, delight and, ultimately, generate ROI. 

Alan Thorpe bw_177x222

Alan Thorpe, Indicia Worldwide Sales and Marketing Director

Alan returns to his video camera as our inquisitive host. With decades of practical experience in delivering data-driven and digital-first customer engagement solutions for brands including Fidelity, LA Fitness, Aviva, Prudential, ITV and Motability, Alan knows how to lead change that secures success. 

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