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What are the most exciting ways marketers are using data?

Our Head of Proposition Activation, Tash Willmott, in conversation with The Drum Network.

‘Data’ is a mammoth topic for marketers. With 328 billion gigabytes of data generated every day, it can feel almost impossible for brands to know where to start.

Listen to uncover groundbreaking ways of using data to segment, target discover and understand audiences, creating impactful campaigns and the next developments in data.

Tash Willmott, our Head of Proposition Activation sits down with The Drum to discuss:

  • Enticing users into the top of the funnel using the smart deployment of data
  • The best examples of personalization from brands
  • How marketers and brands can supercharge their use of data
  • In-house vs partnerships
  • What to expect from the use of data in marketing in the coming years

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