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Take control of your marketing with Brand Hub

Transform your marketing with the process that allows you to distribute your brand assets where and when they’re needed

Indicia Worldwide's proprietary Brand Hub technology suite enables brands to transform their marketing processes and asset management. 


Brand Hub puts control in the hands of marketers, simplifying the production of marketing collateral and empowering local teams to procure marketing assets in market, fast. 

Download the factsheet now to explore how Brand Hub helps major brands such as Heineken manage their marketing…

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Brand Hub technology is already creating value for brands such as Heineken, Coca-Cola and Konica Minolta.

5 reasons to check out Brand Hub

  1. Get new products and services to market faster
    A supercharged asset management platform, Brand Hub lets you order assets from any device, anywhere. Take the process friction out of launching new collateral across a network of partners and distributors.  
  2. Get results fast
    Brand Hub technology can be deployed in just six weeks. 
  3. Out-of-the-box reporting
    See how your global marketing teams are using the marketing collateral made available to them.
  4. Be more sustainable
    Collateral ordering functionality allows one central, sustainable and cost-efficient production contract to be in place.
  5. Empower your partners to sell
    With customizable marketing templates, your partners can quickly tailor your collateral, without any risk of compromising your brand.

Download the factsheet now – and get in touch with us to book a call. 

Brand Hub in action


Brand Hub is the backbone of Heineken's 'Print Connect' platform, enabling control over print and global sharing of work

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