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Intelligent Decisions from data

Making the right decisions has never been harder for marketers. With so much data flying around, the challenge is knowing what to do with it all. Vital information – like how customers engage and how best to reach them – is often left uncovered.

We’re consistently innovating and driving stronger customer engagement with our iD suite of products. But we are far from a product-led, one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, we tackle problems in new ways to create genuinely customized solutions. Solutions built around two key questions: ‘Who are you customers?” and ‘What do they want?’.

Ultimately, iD can help to drive customer understanding, organize and harness data and build closer customer relationships.

Our three-stage process lets us tailor solutions to your specific needs.


Inform allows us to take a deep dive into the current situation, discovering what data is available to use, whether there’s a single customer view, and more. 


Here our data strategists plan the best ways to make the most of the information available.


Activation is the final step – and what really sets us apart from other data agencies. We always see our ideas through to fruition, helping make sure they’re as successful as they can be. 

Leading solutions 

By integrating best-of-breed technologies, we can provide a solution that’s in line with your strategy, but is also future-proofed to minimize your long-term investment.

Intelligent Decisions in action

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