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How to power relevant and personalized customer experiences with Braze

Optimize your customer data, in real-time, for effective omni-channel engagement 

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Are you struggling to cut through and grab your customers’ attention when they’re split between different devices? If so, it’s vital you engage them wherever they are.

Brands that offer their customers a joined-up user experience, no matter the device, medium, channel or operating system are storming ahead of their competitors. The ability to provide almost instant, targeted messages to customers is delivering high rewards and greater ROI. 

If you want to offer your customers and potential customers the personalized, omni-channel experience they expect, read on…

Activate success across every channel

Supercharge your marketing with hyper-engaging, highly automated, and real-time consumer engagement strategies by using Forrester’s leading Braze platform.

Built with the speed and scope to empower marketers to exploit creativity, Braze delivers relevant, cross-channel experiences at scale.

The technology enables brands to understand customers as they move across channels, then activate relevant and timely experiences across those same channels. It makes marketing more authentic, brands more human, and customers more satisfied with every experience.

Every communication powered by Braze is data-driven, and can be personalized, targeted and adjusted in real time.

Want to know more?  Download our factsheet for all the details.

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Make the most of your investments

Indicia Worldwide is an accredited Braze partner, and our partnership is already creating value for big-name clients, allowing them to build strong relationships with their customers and leading them to sustainable long-term revenue growth.

Braze amplifies the value of existing technology, saves on additional solutions, and powers award-winning campaigns. It excels at scale to deliver value quickly and continuously.


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