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Optimizing Customer Experience

Harris Atkins, CEO North America on how data helps brands and retailers deliver a better consumer experience

Big Data. It can be overwhelming for today’s businesses on the receiving end of endless streams of information from a multitude of diverse data points. And yet it is data, rich with valuable information, that provides brands and retailers with the insights they need to successfully connect with customers, drive results and promote loyalty.

Brands that resonate with their customers’ values, wants and needs realize impressive KPI’s, a result of intelligent decisions driven by insights leveraged to create a personalized user experience. This applies both online and within the retail environment.

What is the one thing these brands all have in common? Intelligent analysis and interpretation of data.

When applying data to create a satisfying consumer experience, brands have three important elements to consider:

1. Understanding their customers
Not all businesses have access to the right data to make decisions around their customers, making it extremely difficult to tailor the right products and services for them.

2. Knowing how and why their customers use their products or services
Information such as when consumers are engaging and on which channels, how they are using physical and digital footprints, are key to creating relevant retail and online spaces.

3. Being prepared with methods of operationalizing data insights
Business must have a way to translate available knowledge into unique and satisfying customer experiences.

At Indicia Worldwide, we are experienced in the application of data and proprietary platforms to deliver relevant consumer experiences. Our Consumer Intelligence based products, Moment Mapping and Intuitive Design empower businesses to transform potential growth into measurable success resulting from customer engagement.

Optimizing budget spend is one example of the way in which smart data leveraging gives an organization’s profit-building a powerful boost. Information gathered provides consumer insights, behaviour and locations from which we are able to tailor a brand’s marketing strategy all the way down to specific regions. Knowing where customers live and how their behaviour differs from those residing in another area makes it possible for our clients to identify growth segments where conversions are most likely.

Managing data in this way provides global brands with locations where they not only have the most spend, but greatest potential. Single market organizations benefit from the collection of detailed information about their consumers for use in assessing current engagement and preparing their next-steps strategy.

From marketing budget allocation to inspiring consumer spend and brand loyalty, the transformation of Big Data to insights and action is a prime example of the statement that knowledge is power; especially when it comes to increasing customer engagement.

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