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80% of executives believe their brand understands the emotional needs and desires of their customers... only 15% of customers agree. (CapGEMINI)


Post-pandemic shopping has seen a major shift towards digital and non-linear purchase journeys. Consumers expect an intuitive and frictionless, single experience; driven by relevancy, consistency and personalisation where privacy, trust and honesty is key. That’s why brands must connect with consumers on an emotional level, across the path to purchase.

"The way that marketing used to work is not the way that consumers are working today – it’s not how they think and experience things today. It's no longer separate tactics, separate strategies and separate budgets. It's a much more nonlinear, non-sequential experience in which consumers easily go from discovery to purchase in seconds, in a single experience.”
Jay Pattisall (The Drum, 2023)
VP Principal Analyst, Forrester

Acting now to meet these new expectations can often mean a transformation in brands’ marketing campaigns, their processes and martech and data capabilities, to support their creative strategies. We’ll explore whether generative AI is ‘the’ tool to help integrate marketing performance and marketing production. Plus we'll also discuss why choosing the right agency partner is key to delivering successful marketing campaigns that engage consumers and increase growth.  


Our Global Head of Planning and Strategy, Dan Pallett, are joined by guest speaker Jay Pattisall, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester, and Indicia Worldwide’s Global Executive Creative Director, Tristan Pride, to discuss the possibilities for brands to re-imagine the path to purchase and realise ROI in their marketing spend. 

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Dan Pallett
Global Head of Planning and Strategy,
Indicia Worldwide



Jay Pattisall
VP Principal Analyst,



Tristan Pride
Global Executive Creative Director,
Indicia Worldwide

Get the lowdown on changes in consumer behaviours and what this means for brands and the agencies they partner with, featuring Forrester.

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