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The INDICIA Nominet IPS Tag

In this document “You” means the registrant of the domain name(s), and “We”“Our” or “Us” means Indicia Worldwide, a service brand of Konica Minolta Marketing Services, Ltd.

We are a Nominet member, operating the INDICIA IPS tag.

“Emailing us” means sending an email to our support email address, which consists of the word ‘support’, followed by the at symbol, followed by our website address.

“Abuse email” means email concerning potential abuse coming from our registrants. These should be sent to our abuse email address, which consists of the word ‘abuse’, followed by the at symbol, followed by our website address.

“Telephone us” means call us on 020 7406 1900.

“Write to us” means send a letter to Konica Minolta Marketing Services Ltd., 322 High Holborn, London WC1V 7PB.

“Contact us” means to email us, telephone us, or write to us.

“Nominet’s Ts & Cs” means Nominet’s terms and conditions.

We do not offer domain name registration or renewal to the general public. We offer this service solely to our internal business units and teams, and to our clients and partners.

We are not obliged to register or renew any domain names at all. Our doing so is entirely at our discretion.

We are obliged to provide contact details so that members of the public (as well as customers) can contact us by email, phone and post. Those details are provided earlier in this document. Customer service is obtained by emailing us. In our business with our clients, we do not deal directly with the general public. We will respond to any such contact once priority communications with our clients has been completed. This will normally be within three (3) business days.

With regard to complaints and refunds: if you have a complaint, you may write to us, email us or telephone us. If your complaint is in regard to a client of ours, we may forward that complaint to our client, however we have no control over how and when they may respond. We do not offer refunds as we do not offer services to the general public.

If you register or renew a Nominet domain, Nominet’s terms and conditions form a contract between you and Nominet. By asking us to register or renew such a domain, you indicate you understand and agree to Nominet’s terms and conditions.

If you want to transfer your domain name(s) registered via us to another registrar, contact us with the details. You may also contact Nominet and pay them to complete a transfer.

As we do not offer services to the general public, we disclaim any responsibility to the maximum extent permitted by law. This document does not form a contract between you and us, binding or otherwise. A contract shall only arise upon entering into a commercial agreement with us. E&OE.