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Utilities: sales through unique data-driven, customer-centric marketing

With price transparency only set to increase, utilities brands need to look beyond price to grow profits. Winning customers – and achieving cross- and up-sales results – means being able to understand consumers as individuals, with individual likes and needs

As ad-blocking reaches levels of 40% and above, making sure online marketing actually appeals to individuals is vital. That’s why, at Indicia Worldwide, our team of over 20 data scientists have developed a unique set of tools that can make your budgets truly effective. In fact, we’re doing exactly that for leading utilities brands right now.

How we can help you win new customers

Through GDPR-compliant, data-driven, personalised and multichannel experiences, you'll be able to deliver the kind of growth that proves the value of your marketing. 

And thanks to our end-to-end support in rolling out this activity, you'll get your time back to focus on your strategic goals, rather than managing the chaos that comes with multiple agencies working on siloed areas of your plan. 

Act at the speed your customers expect

We know customers expect real-time marketing, but traditional agency structures just can’t move that quickly. ‘Insight’ then ‘strategy’ then ‘brief creative’ then ‘review ideas’, might be a time-honoured process, but it no longer keeps pace with our expectations as consumers. It’s also expensive and hard to manage.

At Indicia Worldwide, we’re not held back by traditional process barriers. In fact, we’ve blown them away. Most of our utilities clients like us to work across data, strategy, creative and execution – delivering tangible results faster and more efficiently.

Results when and where you need them

Our on-site creative production support means you have the power to roll out multichannel campaigns and assets quickly and easily. As well as enjoying one simple briefing process and support team, we’re always there and ready to act when you need us.

Combined with our global print buying power, we’re perfectly placed to help you make double-digit savings across your marketing print.

Brands that benefit…


Omnichannel customer recruitment for E.ON's Affordable Warmth team

Want to realise ROI by delivering more engaging customer experiences online and instore?

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