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Intelligent Decisions from data

How to activate data to offer a joined-up customer experience, boost engagement and increase sales.


If you’re swamped by the amount of customer data at your fingertips, don't panic. We process 40 billion rows of data every year for our clients.

Watch our Global Data and Analytics Director Nil Patel above, he talks about some of the key challenges brands are facing when it comes to making sense of the mountains of data they’re producing but unable to leverage. He heads up our teams of data experts. They generate valuable insights that inform brands’ business objectives and help them to cut through and better connect with their customers.

Making the right decisions about which data insights to activate has never been harder. With so much data flying around, the challenge is knowing what to do with it all. Vital information – like how customers engage and how best to reach them – is often left undiscovered. 


We use our experience, data and our iD (Intelligent Decisions) proprietary platforms to unlock growth for our clients, by helping them understand where their growth segments are.  This enables them to offer their customers a relevant, connected, omnichannel experience whether in-store or online. 


But we are far from a product-led, one-size-fits-all agency. We combine data with our expertise in strategy and creative. This helps our clients to redefine customer experiences across the full marketing remit. 


Intelligence-led strategy & creative

We interpret data into insights. Our data-first teams of omnichannel strategists and planners use them to inform client strategies and combine with innovative creative, to deliver exciting and relevant campaigns that connect with audiences and deliver growth.

Intelligence-led decisions

Our suite of industry-leading data products and in-house expertise enables brands to have a global consumer view and identify opportunities to target growth segments. From Consumer Intelligence to Moment Mapping and Intuitive Design, our unique range of intelligence-led solutions allow brands to deliver a more personalised and engaging customer experience.

Intelligence-led activation

Our market-leading technology stack powers your entire marketing communications strategy. Whether that’s with our suite of Next Gen POSM tools or enabling us to plug in a bespoke customer engagement platform, along with our partners at Braze, Snowflake and Iterable. We deploy a solution that maximises your data and enables you to deliver relevant, targeted communications in real-time, to maximise customer experience.




The A-Z of Data Driven Customer Engagement


Not fluent in data speak? Don't panic.

Download our A -Z Guide to Data Driven Customer Engagement to get up-to-date with the latest industry terms for all things data related.

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