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Activate your data assets at scale

Harness the power of your data to supercharge your marketing strategy and your brand

Make sense of your ever-growing datasets so you can make data your competitive advantage. From data lakes to data warehouses to single customer views, in the cloud or on premise – we help clients create new value from their disparate data sources.

Data lakes that work for you

Empower your business by centralising your fragmented data assets in a cost-effective, scalable environment. Identify and activate what’s valuable to your organisation without over-investing in more costly structured data. We work with leading cloud platforms to ensure you don’t end up with a disconnected data pools or unusable data swamp.

Data warehouses that powers your marketing strategy

Transform your most valuable data into structured, consistent and coherent assets. By investing in a high-performing and scalable platform, you’ll fuel your data science capability, and drive better outcomes through reporting and insight.

Single customer views

Power your entire marketing communications strategy with a coherent 360° view of individual customers – ensure your dialogue is consistent, relevant, and in real time across the myriad of channels.

Integration the easy way

Maximise your return on investment from your data estate and wider marketing technology stack by ensuring everything is connected. Whether that’s reporting, CRM, paid media, web, app, commerce, EPOS – we’ll make sure everything plays nicely together so you can apply a genuinely coordinated data-driven strategy.

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