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How to retain customers during economic uncertainty

Why building trust and being the voice of the consumer are key to conversion for heycar during turbulent times.

It’s a challenge to sell big ticket items, like cars, during a financial downturn. However, heycar are deploying a successful, customer-centric strategy to understand when their customers will be looking to purchase and supporting them along their buying journey.

We know important lifestyle changes such as expanding your family, or down-sizing your car don’t stop during economic uncertainty. Our partners at heycar are retaining customers and winning new ones, by realising ROI in their CRM tech stack to make the car-buying process as stress free as possible.

Watch heycar’s Head of Brand Marketing and Engagement, Charlotte Ford and CRM Executive, Kyran Pick with our Martech Consultant Gemma Warren. They discuss:

  • Navigating the cost of living crisis
  • Realising ROI from the CRM tools at your fingertips
  • When and where to invest in your martech stack
  • Personalisation at scale

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