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Bringing sustainability and innovation to POS design and production

Placing sustainability at the heart of retail displays with the creative use of eco-friendly materials - as featured at our Sustainable POSM Workshop organised in collaboration with Nestlé.

Point-of-sale design and production are no longer just about getting new products in store. They're also key to delivering a brand’s sustainability goals, elevating the shopper experience, and realising marketing ROI.

Pushing beyond the confines of typical considerations of sustainable materials, the Indicia Worldwide team in Vietnam, along with our local suppliers, showcased our innovative POS displays for Nestlé. They feature creative use of new, eco-materials such as paper and paper foam products, and recycled milk boxes.

Watch the highlights from our Sustainable POSM Workshop in Vietnam for eye-catching POS designs with sustainability at the heart. Here's how we delivered:

  1. A platform for our suppliers to share their techniques, expertise and innovative ideas around sustainable material use in POS design and production

  2. Engaging POS units for in-store and outdoor displays including; podiums, islands, carts, paper trays and bags, counter units, gondola ends and a movable tower mock-up

  3. Retail displays that ensure improved recyclability and end-of-life use, easier transportation and installation, while delivering high-quality aesthetics for better shopper engagement

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