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Consumer Retail Insights

Claire Halsey and Marie Villegas Bernet discuss how brands are realising ROI at the POS, by delivering a frictionless customer experience in-store and online.

The pandemic accelerated the demand for omni-channel retail. Now brands are expected to offer a seamless customer experience right from the first interaction, through to the point of sale.

Watch our Production and Procurement Solutions Director, Marie Villegas Bernet and Global Client Partner, Claire Halsey. They offer their insights on how successful brands are leveraging innovative tech and data insights, to realise ROI from their in-store and online marketing by:

  1. Engaging audiences throughout the buyer journey, by offering an omni-channel customer experience

  2. Collecting data insights from key interactions, to understand which messages are working, and in which channel

  3. Using data and tech to personalise the shopping experience in-store and online

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