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Lighting up the room for Konica Minolta 'We Are 150 Years'

How we used stunning creative to bring viewers on an anniversary journey with Konica Minolta.

Watch our Client Partner, Freya Capon and Olaf Lorenz, General Manager of Global Brand Experience at our parent company, Konica Minolta, discuss the work behind bringing Konica Minolta ‘We Are 150 Years’ to life. 

Alongside the team at Konica Minolta, we worked to understand the rich history and evolution of the business. Driven by impressive innovation, Konica Minolta has evolved successfully into countless business fields since the days of analogue x-ray to digital radiation, healthcare sensing, professional printing and business technology. 

From the initial phases of this monumental journey to mark their incredible 150-year milestone one theme was constant: Konica Minolta’s roots in imaging. We designed campaign visuals inspired by what makes Konica Minolta unique – their consistency in dealing with, capturing and playing with light. Together we tapped into their teams' brilliant insights and deep knowledge of the business, to understand and relay the core of Konica Minolta’s evolution through, appropriately, visually-stunning creative. 

Analysing all of the different story and data points we worked with both global and local market experts to fully understand the company’s diversity and stakeholder expectations, resulting in 98% of respondents feeling that the work was really well received. Olaf reveals the key to Konica Minolta’s 150 years of success is to always be customer-centric, pay attention to market differences, changes and evolving consumer expectations. 

150 years is just the start. 

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