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Driving emotional engagement 

To emotionally engage your audience, you have to first get rational.  At Indicia Worldwide we start with the tech. Informed by data analytics, we then devise a creative strategy and develop campaigns that, applied across the customer journey, will drive emotional connections with your audiences. Whether instore or online they offer personalisation at scale, increase consumer spend and deliver ROI.  

Our main services break down into four key areas: 

+ Consultancy: As Iterable Changemaker Partners, our team works with you at every stage of the process 

+ Implementation: Our flexible engagement model scales an implementation plan to suit you and your martech stack 

+ Support: We work together to provide you with on-going partner support and managed services

+ Managed agency services: Our data analysts model where your consumers have propensity to spend more. We then use these insights to build creative strategies and campaigns that emotionally connect to your audiences, when and where they choose to engage with your brand. 


Realising emotional engagement across the entire customer journey 

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Intelligence-led strategy & creative

Our intelligence-led strategy & creativity redefines the consumer experience in four ways: through connection, persuasion, learning and optimisation.

Intelligence-led by data

Nine market-leading data products allow you to pinpoint opportunities to make your customer experiences more efficient and more effective.

Intelligence-led deployment

Our innovative technology stack deploys multi-touchpoint campaigns and communications to accelerate your speed to market. We continuously measure and optimise to ensure maximum efficiencies.


How we’ve helped brands deliver personalization at scale 

Omnichannel marketing allows you to emotionally engage with audiences at the right time and with the right message to realize ROI. 

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Realising ROI for ITV by using Viewer Opportunity Scoring to grow audiences


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Nissan Qashqai→

Driving ROI by keeping Nissan customers in the family


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How to Optimise AI

Harnessing AI optimisation to realise ROI and redefine consumer experiences