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Yves Rogivue
Yves Rogivue 20 May 2021

A unique offering for extraordinary times

Creating new value for our clients, across the marketer’s full remit.

Yves Rogivue
Yves Rogivue 20 May 2021

Creating new value for our clients, across the marketer’s full remit.

It’s fair to say that the marketer’s job has never been harder. The global situation over the last 12 months has accelerated the trends that marketers were already grappling with – like the pressure to deliver more for less, coupled with increasing channel and technology complexity.  

As Global CEO of Indicia Worldwide, I speak to a lot of CMOs and CFOs who say another major challenge they face is having to work with so many different agencies, all across the world. Not only does this mean consistency is at risk, but the waste of time and resources is huge.  

Wdesigned Indicia Worldwide to help some of the biggest brands in the world – like Unilever, Heineken and Nestlé - overcome these challenges. 

What creating new value means to us 

Formed out of two of the world’s biggest print management companies – Charterhouse and Ergo, print is certainly a big part of the heritage of Indicia Worldwide. Today, we bring together specialists in print procurement, data strategy and martech to deliver our core promise: ‘We create new value’.  

Bringing value through cost savings is just the start. For us, creating value is about driving performance too - improving the return on investment by ensuring every new product, service or campaign is measurable. And with creative production services that are designed to roll campaigns out globallywe’re uniquely positioned to create consistent, efficient, effective and integrated marketing campaigns for our clients - wherever they’re basedAnd that’s what we call creating new value. 

Take Unilever, for example. We have implemented creative production studios in a number of markets. This creates time efficiencies with speed to market and consolidates asset sharing, which in turn delivers cost savings. That’s a huge deal to us and demonstrates the value of end-to-end efficiency 

Unlocking new value long into the future 

Launching Indicia Worldwide last summer couldn’t have come at a better time for us and our clients, as it meant we were primed to support them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as a more joined-up partnerWhile their stores were closed, lots of brands came to us to ask if we could help them grow their e-commerce businesses. We quickly turned around innovative, sustainable ideas that not only enabled our clients to survive this incredibly challenging year – but boosted their e-commerce profits beyond expectations too, by providing efficiencies and effectiveness at an incredibly tumultuous time. 

Now, as businesses are beginning to reopen, we’re looking forward to continuing to support our clients long into the future. With a growing presence in APAC and a thriving new team in North Americaclients across the globe can turn to Indicia Worldwide to help them unlock new value that they didn’t even dream was possible. 

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