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ITV’s Love Island has lured audiences night after night. You could say it’s a love magnet. But like most holiday romances, viewer engagement tends to fizzle out once the show is over. Here’s how we’re helping keep viewer love alive post Love Island…

Rated Twitter’s most talked-about TV show in 2018, Love Island has become a national phenomenon – currently the most watched programme for adults aged 16-34 in the UK, generating millions for ITV in advertising and merchandising. It seems we’ve well and truly caught the love bug as a nation, with ITV announcing that Love Island will feature two series in 2020.

The show attracts a diverse mix of viewers, especially young people. However, once Love Island’s over, there’s a notable drop in young viewers. Which is where we come in.


Engaging post honeymoon period

In a world where consumers are firmly in control, targeting younger viewers isn’t easy. Many opt to consume media via ad-free streaming services such as Netflix, making them harder to reach for advertisers. The good news for ITV is that Love Island reaches demographics other shows can't, with around 75 per cent of viewers aged 16 to 34 – a highly valuable demographic for advertisers.

Armed with this insight and informed by data, we created a targeted retention journey. The objective: to hold on to young viewers post Love Island.

By producing relevant and timely communications and creative, we connected with audience preferences in terms of content, design and tone of voice. The creative also did the job of matchmaker by suggesting other relevant programmes, keeping young audiences engaged long after the sun had set over Love Island.


How Missguided didn’t miss a trick

In an age of ad-free streaming, Missguided is another brilliant example of how to lure customers. Many of Love Island’s contestants were dressed by the fashion e-tailer last year. So by giving viewers instant access to the looks sashaying across their screens each night, Missguided managed to break through. Viewers could shop their favourite looks, from leopard-print bikinis to plunging jumpsuits, via the app and on its website.

Missguided hit on a winning formula at a time when many rivals struggled to get the attention of millennials and generation Z.


The data game

At Indicia, we help clients establish long-term relationships with their customers by effectively marrying data and creative. Making sure every touchpoint is relevant to the person experiencing it. Ultimately improving campaign KPIs while helping customers fall in love with your brand, long term.


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