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Indicia Staff
Indicia Staff 02 December 2020

How Sustainability is producing a world of success

A brand-new look at how a brand’s identity is the natural by-product of a brand's behavior

Indicia Staff
Indicia Staff 02 December 2020

A brand-new look at how a brand’s identity is the natural by-product of a brand's behavior

As the world turns, there is much we debate. Fortunately, one thing we have all come to agree on is the need for heightened awareness of our natural resources; the way we use them and how our behavior on this planet affects them.

Sustainability has become a key figure in all our lives.

As individuals, we are opting for water filters over plastic bottles, making sure to cut holes in our six-pack rings so as not to trap the snouts of migrating dolphins. Naturally, it follows that businesses are stepping up their sustainable conscience, aligning with the movement to preserve the planet, with businesses taking the lead in making big changes that only big businesses can.

So, what does that mean for marketing? 

As explained in an article published by our Indicia Worldwide team earlier this year, “Why sustainability means success” there has been a vitally important shift in the consumer landscape. With Millennial and Gen Z consumers becoming prime influencers, it is more important than ever that we take heed of their conscious decision to make sustainable products a priority, including choosing brands with overall sustainable practices: manufacturing, recycling, social conscience, etc.

Sustainable messaging equals success

If a company lets its customers know of its practices, as it does its product ingredients, it can make all the difference in boosting its bottom line. Consumers look to businesses to lead the way, drawn into social messages that resonate with their core values. Of course, businesses can’t just talk the talk with a single “best-practice” for the sake of publicity. Customers know the difference between a company that does something relevant and one that is relevant.

Good Examples of Good Examples


With its focus on people, planet and prosperity, Heineken has been prolific in their efforts:

  • Building breweries with solar panels that harness the power of the sun

  • Replacement of plastics, shrink wrap, ring holders

  • Taking on global water-saving projects

  • 95% of markets selling Heineken devote media spend to responsible consumption campaigns


“Sharing Beauty with All” is a beautiful umbrella under which the company contributes to four areas: innovating, producing, living and developing sustainably. Beyond product, L’Oreal encourages jobs in underprivileged communities including vocational training through the Foundation for a Better Life.


Unilever launched a Sustainable Living Plan in 2010, continuing on a remarkable and transformative sustainability journey. Their intent to “make sustainable living commonplace” has led to 28 Sustainable Living Brands that have brought 75% of Unilever’s growth and made a huge positive impact on the world:

  • Dove has helped over 35 million young people with self-esteem education

  • Vaseline’s skin healing program has reached 3 million people living with poverty and disasters

  • Ben & Jerry’s campaigns for social justice and climate change

  • Rin has a career academy working with women across rural India

The list goes on

Sustainability is all about putting the wellbeing of the world at the heart of your business model. And collaboration; of brand owners, procurement, manufacturing, suppliers and marketing. At Indicia Worldwide, we can help put all the pieces together…and tie them in a sustainable ribbon that will open to a profitable gift for your business for many years to come.

Download the white paper now. 

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