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Steve Lister
Steve Lister 27 January 2020

Inside Knowledge – Episode 1: What’s in store for 2020…

From a focus on sustainability to data driven retail, explore three big trends in retail this year

Steve Lister
Steve Lister 27 January 2020

From a focus on sustainability to data driven retail, explore three big trends in retail this year

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Hello good morning, good afternoon or good evening!

My name is Steve Lister, I’m the Global Retail Performance Director at Indicia Worldwide, you may also know us as Konica Minolta Marketing Services and if you don’t know us we’re experts in retail marketing for brands and retailers globally. Today we’re going to talk to you about what’s in store in 2020.

What are the three big trends in retail this year?

At number 1, ‘Sustainability’ is now firmly on the agenda. Sustainable retail has now finally come of age; The Greta Effect and the BBC’s Blue Planet has now focused the world’s attention on the over use of single-use plastics.

At number 2 is ‘Data Driven Retail’. The age of intelligent retail is now here. So we’re talking about geo-located data; data looking at customers, who they are and where they are. We are looking at visual concept testing, testing designs and testing marketing activations before they have even gone into production or launched in store.

We are now looking at engagement tracking, tracking of consumers, their age, their gender, their mood and their dwell time within stores and finally things like smart shelves where brands and retailers can now actually look at products sales live in store at any time.

At number 3 is ‘the new R.O.I is R.O.E’. We’re now moving from talking about return on investment and moving into the return on innovation and now the big one for 2020 is the return on effectiveness – how you invest your money in marketing activations to prove that it’s truly effective with customers.

Thank you for watching, until next time, goodbye.

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