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In Touch marketing technology stack

Marketing and procurement teams need to cost-effectively activate the value in their data and other assets, while protecting their brand. So we offer frictionless sourcing, through a single platform and methodology that incorporates data, CRM, insight, procurement, studio and creative production services.

In Touch is our end-to-end technology platform that helps you take control of your marketing and realize the full potential of all your resources, campaigns and assets. We build, develop, customize and integrate solutions that create new value throughout the martech ecosystem, with technology that:

  • Collects, stores and transforms your data efficiently and at scale
  • Defines, refines and orchestrates decisions about your customers across any channel within owned or paid media
  • Activates those decisions across all channels and devices
  • Enables intelligent sourcing by connecting the supply chain and managing complex workflows
  • Drives savings, sustainability goals and frictionless sourcing through our e-Catalog and e-Commerce capabilities
  • Stores, socializes and protects brand assets
  • Adapts physical and digital creative content at scale and on brand
  • Analyzes and visualizes the efficiencies and effectiveness created – from spend and savings and retail effectiveness to sustainability, campaign evaluation or asset engagement

Marketing technology that creates new value

Konica Minolta

Our Automated Marketing Platform empowers Konica Minolta's sales network to sell – providing on-brand, localized campaigns


Brand Hub is the backbone of Heineken's 'Print Connect' platform, enabling control over print and global sharing of work