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Media and subscriptions: delight audiences through first-party data

In our world of choice, long term relationships rely on staying useful and interesting. We enable brands to understand and engage at the individual level required to keep relationships fresh, growing and loyal. 

Our experience delivering data-driven results for one of the UK’s leading media and subscriptions businesses means our proven, fully GDPR compliant methods will work for you.

We simplify the complex with a risk-reducing model that delivers customer acquisition, cross- and up-sales, and retention. By combining data capture, management, data science, strategy and creative teams there are no risky handoffs. Our clients are freed from managing labour-intensive processes.   

Big data that means you hit your KPIs

At Indicia Worldwide, we’re experts in handling big data. For example, every day we process two million lines of real-time data for a major broadcaster, turning this into instant value for them and their VoD audiences.

Our machine-learned recommendations solutions deliver experiences customised to users’ unique preferences, keeping them coming back for more.

Get data-driven marketing working for you

Whatever your level of data sophistication or complication, we have the experience and expertise to audit, organise, and activate your data for maximum effectiveness.

Our Intelligent Decisions (iD) suite of products is specifically designed to help marketers harness the potential of an ever-growing sea of data – ultimately making better decisions more easily.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any data, we’re perfectly placed to get you started and firmly on track to more sophisticated marketing. This all starts with ensuring you’re capturing useful data in an efficient, engaging and GDPR-compliant way.

Turning insight into revenue

Working alongside your teams, our strategy and creative business partners turn ‘so what?’ insight into focused actions. You can confidently invest your budget where it counts. And avoid investing where it doesn’t. This means you get what you want and your audiences are far more likely to stay with you for longer.

Discover data marketing success stories

Big data solutions to drive engagement

We built the single customer view that powers personalised VoD for one of the UK's largest commercial broadcasters. Get in touch to find out more…

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