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Point of sales design and production

At Indicia Worldwide, our heritage is in delivering POS design and POS manufacture, thanks to our expert design team and our roster of more than 2,500 suppliers. Sustainability and materials innovation comes as standard for all clients.

Modern retail faces challenges from all sides. Point of sale design in 2020 is about so much more than simply getting products into stores. Shopper marketers are under pressure to deliver sustainability, effectiveness and measurability on point of sale designs.

Point of sale experts

Deliver point of sale displays faster, better and cheaper than ever before with Indicia Worldwide. We have built teams of POS experts in our central studio, and in our client on-site teams.

Not only do we deliver sustainable, effective and efficient POS solutions, we also help our clients understand how hard their POS is working to convert shoppers into buyers. We enable insight-led design to deliver measurable marketing activations in-store.

Point of sale design

Our retail team delivers temporary and permanent point of sale (PPOS) designs – always on time and on budget. From traditional designs to remote content screen solutions, we design POS that works.

Point of sale manufacture

Our supplier network spans more than 35 countries, so we can always source, deliver and install your POS solutions wherever your brand needs to be in the world.


Technology is at the heart of what we do. Through our proprietary ecommerce portal, combined with our industry-leading approach to sustainability, we can reduce waste and duplication of work around the world, and enable your people to share and repeat best-in-class work.

Retail intelligence

Using our technology suite, we can evaluate the effectiveness of POS before deployment, and help you evaluate shopper behaviour during campaigns. Measure real time sales on POS items and circumnavigate the traditional, expensive data sources.

Do smarter POS


On-site studios in three markets, as well as print management services and innovation leadership


We create new value at Unilever, providing an on-site team of retail activation experts

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