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Katherine Brand, Senior Analyst
Katherine Brand, Senior Analyst 03 June 2020

Data driven marketing success stories

5 amazing examples of data-driven marketing getting impressive results…

Katherine Brand, Senior Analyst
Katherine Brand, Senior Analyst 03 June 2020

5 amazing examples of data-driven marketing getting impressive results…

As marketers, we're collecting a lot of data all the time. But organising it to the extent that you can come up with and orchestrate genuinely data-driven campaigns – that's often a stretch for busy marketing teams.

But it needn't be. Here are five great examples of data-driven campaigns (including one of our own for one of our clients). Time to get inspired…


Spotify’s data-driven marketing ideas

Spotify consistently push the creative boundaries with their data-driven, fun-fuelled marketing campaigns. From their ‘Thanks 2016, you’ve been weird’ hit, to their genius ‘2018 Goals’ billboards, Spotify harnesses its vast customer datasets to create quirky, heart-warming campaigns.

‘Spotify Wrapped’ is the most hands-on marketing campaign yet for the user. Every new year Spotify rounds up your listening habits from the past year to create personalised playlists.

From your most listened to artist to your most streamed songs, users receive a yearly wrap-up. It’s cool but also useful – it has potential to be an actual playlist that you revisit, and users are eager to fill in any gaps in their listening habits.

The lists are also easily shareable – direct to Instagram from the Spotify app. Though enthusiasm to share may well depend on how many times you streamed that power ballad last year…


Jaguar Land Rover's inspiring approach

It’s not just about big data and artificial intelligence when it comes to successful data-driven marketing campaigns. Jaguar Land Rover gathered data in pictorial form from a group of primary school children, for their International Women in Engineering Day 2019 campaign.

The children were asked to draw a picture of an engineer, to highlight how gender stereotypes are formed from an early age.

Designed to celebrate women in engineering and inspire girls from a young age to follow STEM careers, it’s a fantastic example of getting to know your audience and leveraging their data to drive what’s essentially a long-term recruitment campaign.



HelloFresh delivers data-driven strategy

HelloFresh, the leading global provider of fresh food at home is a completely data-driven company.

From managing supply and demand, to optimising email messaging, in their own words HelloFresh has a “data culture” at its heart.

HelloFresh analyses trends in customer choices from the micro to the macro level to inform personalised messaging. Where a customer habitually eats fish on a Friday, HelloFresh can target the customer with tailored seafood offers on a Wednesday.

Similarly, scaling up the data can reveal regional variations on traditional dishes or unusual ingredient combinations which HelloFresh can use to inform their marketing.

The company constantly strives to enrich its data through customer surveys, customer care interactions and website analytics, making it one to watch for innovative data-driven marketing.


German Rail's data-driven marketing for Germany's holiday destinations

German Rail harnessed data brilliantly to create a campaign encouraging Germans to holiday in their home country.

Firstly, an algorithm identified German locations that resemble popular holiday spots across the globe, such as Paris, London Bridge and the Maldives.

Campaign imagery then showed actual destinations side by side with their German equivalent. The flight cost was overlaid onto the actual destination, and the train cost overlaid onto the German lookalike.

Developed as an entirely digital campaign due to budget restrictions, the campaign’s objective was to shift end-of-summer holiday season train tickets that would otherwise go unsold. And it worked – two million special price tickets sold out in two-thirds of the time it would usually take.

eon blog

E.ON: Affordable Warmth for the right audience

E.ON, along with all major UK energy companies, are constantly striving to hit government targets in take-up of their Affordable Warmth scheme. Through the scheme, eligible households receive heavily discounted boilers and insulation, creating warmer, more energy efficient homes.

Eligibility criteria are relatively complex, involving household income, number of children, home ownership and receipt of income support. E.ON also ideally only want to target households in need of energy products such as a new boiler, cavity wall insulation or loft insulation.

Then there’s the added component of how best to contact those households; are they most likely to engage with advertising on social channels, email or by post? And what type of messaging will lead to conversions?

To support E.ON, Indicia Worldwide built a series of three models. The first used key demographic variables from our proprietary data solution, which predict a person’s likelihood of being eligible for Affordable Warmth.

The second combined our data with Energy Performance Certificate data to model a household’s likelihood of needing energy products. The final piece of the puzzle was to create a UK-wide attitudinal-based segmentation, which indicated how we should talk to different segments of people, and on which channel.

The campaign achieved strong levels of lead generation through leveraging data to target people who they wouldn’t otherwise have known to target, on the right channel, and with content tailored to a range of different personas.

Learn more about why data-driven companies win

The foresight to put data at the heart of the business is what enables these brands to drive more personalised, and better targeted marketing.

If you’d like to hear more about our data-driven work with brands such as E.ON, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.

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