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The explosion of social media marketing makes attribution back to a single channel harder than ever. How do you get closer to your customers on social with the right message in the right place at the right time?

It’s not just you that’s getting fed up with badly targeted and repetitive ads on your social feeds. According to a recent survey 74% of people say they’re tired of social media ads and a very worrying 44% find them irrelevant.

And it’s not just you that’s wondering if there’s any ROI on the ads you’re placing. In fact, new DMA research reveals that a mere 48% of marketers would agree that social media gives them any return on investment at all.


So how can you make your ads more relevant - and make them make more money too?

Nowadays people demand personalised comms and expect to be properly understood. So if you’re only targeting their online behaviour, you’re only getting half the picture. Yet many brands still insist on a ‘throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks’ approach to their social targeting. Which is both wasteful and, to be honest, a bit messy.

So that you can treat individuals like individuals, we can help you build highly targeted, relevant lookalike custom audiences based on your high value customers – and reach them with highly-personalised messages based on their actual preferences.


Digging deeper

Leading online fashion retailer asked us to secure the right credit-loving customers across both offline and online channels, while registering who receives each channel and crucially, who responds.

So, we proposed an omni-channel approach utilising addressable audience methodology across a range of channels. 

Our approach was simple. We used our proprietary database, Interact, which offers a wealth of data across 44 million households, to identify the best prospects and target them with a strategic customer journey using a mix of all of these channels to reach each individual.

Digging deeper into the data revealed behavioural traits, preferred channels, the products they’d be interested in and plenty more. From this wealth of information, we created bespoke streams of communication across both offline and online channels.

It’s a unique approach that enables us to cut down wasted budget by targeting the right people at the right time in the right place. And as we can also attribute sales back to the customer records we finally know how successful each channel actually is - something that’s simply not possible with Facebook’s own lookalike selections.

Instead of clogging people’s social feed with the fluff they don’t need, we can help you serve up the relevant and cool stuff they love.

To find out how we can help you get closer to your customers on social, why not arrange a one-to-one with our data experts today.

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