Inside Knowledge – Episode 2: The changing face of retail

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Here’s the transcript…

Today were going to talk to you about the changing face of retail.

The retail world is changing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to predict how to win, and capturing consumer attention has never been harder.

Political and economic uncertainty is slowing down growth. 

There is increasing pressure on consumers' disposable income.

Challenging retail environment with major global retailers managing a fall in their profitability.

Retail footfall declining in nearly all major countries.

So what is the impact of change?

Retail stores are become validation points for consumers and not just places to transact.

There is a disconnect between brand advertising above the line and below the line.

And new product subscription services are enabling brands to create direct to consumer models.

Conflicting demands don’t help.

Brands want impactful, effective and engaging store experiences, while retailers want clean stores and have restrictive design criteria and guidelines.

Consumers want brands and retailers to deliver to their needs. 

The big challenge is to balance these demands.

Thank you for watching, until next time, goodbye.

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