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Nil Patel
Nil Patel 28 October 2021

Redefining Customer Experiences

How brands and retailers are using data to prioritise consumer experiences and stay ahead of the game.

Nil Patel
Nil Patel 28 October 2021

How brands and retailers are using data to prioritise consumer experiences and stay ahead of the game.

In the age of Big Data, businesses are swamped by vast amounts of information from multiple data points. Brands that successfully analyse and interpret this data, generate valuable insights that drive KPIs and cut through to connect with their customers. We’re talking about using data to make intelligent decisions: actions driven by insights that differentiate the user experience and help customers better engage with brands.

By leveraging data insights, brands can create a truly personalised and effortless shopper experience whether online or in the retail space. However, this can be challenging to realise.

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Brands have three main challenges when it comes to the their digital and retail footprints:

1. Understanding who their customers are

Not all businesses have access to the relevant data to make decisions about their customers. This makes it extremely difficult to tailor their products and services around them.

2. Knowing how and why customers are using their products or services 

When are consumers engaging and on which channels? How are they using physical and digital footprints? These insights are important for better aligning the purpose of retail and online spaces.

3. How to operationalise these insights into a better and unique experience for their customers

Here at Indicia Worldwide, we use our experience, data and our proprietary platforms to unlock growth for our clients by helping them deliver a more engaging customer experience. Our products, centred around Consumer Intelligence, Moment Mapping and Intuitive Design, allow brands to leverage their data to drive enhanced consumer engagement.

By gathering deep behavioural, consumer insights and mapping them across your brand, market and region we can begin to understand where brands’ growth segments are; where their customers live, how they're behaving, and how they differ. This allows us to tailor a brand’s marketing strategy and be more relevant to consumers by considering personal and regional differences. By understanding how to respond to the different needs of consumers we are able to drive engagement, relevancy and growth. We improve your return on investment by identifying growth segments and the probability of these delivering conversions.

This knowledge is hugely powerful for global brands. To understand which market, region, customer segment or channel is the most commercially viable, ensures brands are focussing their budget in the right area. This can be game-changing when it comes to allocating marketing budget and cultivating better connections with customers, building brand loyalty and their life-time value.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can activate data to provide a better, more personalised customer experience and leave your competitors in the dust, get in touch.

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