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Conrad Mendoza
Conrad Mendoza 08 June 2021

One ocean, one climate, one future: Getting sustainable marketing right

Delivering sustainable, effective and efficient in-store marketing

Conrad Mendoza
Conrad Mendoza 08 June 2021

Delivering sustainable, effective and efficient in-store marketing

Plastic is unavoidable in our daily lives. It’s used to make pretty much everything. Plastic is designed to be long-lasting, and as a result much of it doesn’t biodegrade.

The plastic crisis

12.7 million tonnes: That’s how much plastic we dump into our oceans each year - harming marine life and humans alike.

Once in the ocean, plastic breaks down into particles, called microplastics. This spreads plastic even further and deeper into the ocean, where it infiltrates more habitats and becomes effectively impossible to retrieve.

We’ve all seen shocking images of rubbish floating in the ocean, as well as of marine animals getting entangled in plastic waste. These images show the true impact of plastics on our oceans.

Sustainability is at an all-time high

Partly fuelled by the media, climate activists, and an array of TV documentaries on major environmental threats, consumers and brands are now making more sustainable choices – making a direct impact on trying to slow climate change.

However, there is always more that we can do to reduce our environmental footprint and protect our beautiful planet.

We are on a journey

At Indicia Worldwide we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals, especially eco-friendly printing. As POS design and manufacture specialists, we’re aware of the impact plastic has on the environment – so we encourage our clients to move away from plastic materials whenever possible…

  • We're always researching alternative materials and processes to reduce the environmental impact of our projects.
  • We design to maximise the lifetime of units and reduce the cost of replacing broken or outdated components.
  • We design units to be easily disassembled at the end of their in-store life, to be re-used, re-deployed or recycled.
  • We eliminate single-use plastics from our displays.
  • We encourage clients to make sure units are properly dealt with at the end of their time in-store – we're always happy to talk about ways we can achieve this together!

At Indicia Worldwide, we’re a sustainable print agency and not only do we deliver eco-friendly, effective and efficient POS solutions, we also help our clients understand how hard their POS is working, to convert shoppers into buyers. We enable insight-led design to deliver measurable marketing activations in-store.

Technology is at the heart of what we do

Through our proprietary e-commerce portal, combined with our industry-leading approach to sustainable print procurement, we can reduce waste and duplication of work around the world, and enable you to share and repeat best-in-class work.

We’re helping clients to take out ineffective designs for marketing communications by using smart camera technology to prove in-store designs before they even roll out. This leading-edge approach makes stores more effective, more attractive, and more sustainable.

Getting the right marketing collateral into retailers can also be very wasteful. We’re seeing the adoption of much smarter Digital Marketing Asset Management, ordering and reporting systems. By going beyond simply getting localised assets rapidly into stores, these systems allow central marketing teams to monitor collateral uptake and order levels whilst controlling the supply chain.

We work with some of the world’s best-known brands to deliver marketing that is efficient and effective.

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