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Gary Yip
Gary Yip 02 December 2021

Rising to the challenges brands are facing trying to gain mind and market share in APAC

How data, tech and creative take centre stage in cutting through in a saturated APAC market

Gary Yip
Gary Yip 02 December 2021

How data, tech and creative take centre stage in cutting through in a saturated APAC market

Keeping up with the Asia-Pacific shopper and quickly shifting consumption patterns is challenging to say the least. It requires not only a deep understanding of local developments and preferences, but also an agility that allows businesses to take on the region’s volatile marketing landscape confidently and effectively.

At Indicia Worldwide, we’re helping global brands deliver scalable, customer-centric solutions in APAC by bringing greater effectiveness and efficiency into planning, processes and products taken to market. We do this through our core pillars of data, tech and creative.

We recognise how consumers in a complex region have already redefined the retail experience. We work with brands who want to better understand the changing needs and expectations of their customers and put them at the core of their business.

The result? Marketing that prioritises a more relevant consumer experience, whether in-store or online, in all local markets. Marketing teams are enabled to take control of their campaigns and make informed decisions about spend, based on quantifiable measurement.

Meeting the region’s marketing challenges head-on

Brands looking to achieve greater visibility, engagement and profitability often find themselves tackling problems that similarly plague their peers in the region. Here are the major pain points that brands in APAC face and how we’re optimising our expertise and suite of offerings to drive the delivery of your messages at scale and speed:

1. Campaign integration

Less fragmentation, more harmonisation. Sounds easy? Not when brands work with multiple agencies and manage siloed teams, processes and output. Disjointed marketing efforts risk bottlenecks and less cohesive creative communications that affect how quickly campaigns reach consumers and how well they perform.

We take on a collaborative, iterative and insight-led approach from analysis right up to activation, ensuring your brand-building initiatives are integrated, informed at every stage by data, and deliver commercial impact. An end-to-end approach that is five times faster than that of more traditional agencies.

2. Market saturation

Vying for the attention of customers in a crowded market makes cutting through the clutter across platforms vital. While APAC consumers are quickly moving to digital mediums, physical storefronts remain relevant for large groups of shoppers. This demands a robust omnichannel strategy from brands, one that continually engages and offers a frictionless experience whether customers are browsing online or shopping in-store.

Getting to your audiences with the right messaging, at the right time and via the right channels makes all the difference in helping you stand out. We harness local insights, helping you activate brand and campaign assets locally, and deliver highly resonant communications via the relevant channels – an approach that brings you that much closer to local success.

By tapping into local insights, we were able to deliver a successful creative and social media strategy for Goodman Fielder Food Service in New Zealand, creating an instant appetite for its bacon buttys and driving sales uptake in a matter of weeks.

3. Achieving return on investment on ad spend

Awareness is never the only objective of your marketing campaigns. Moving sales figures is just as important. In the age of brand promiscuity, capturing attention and sales requires keeping your brand salient at key personal moments of your customers. Brands that offer exceptional experiences at each touchpoint and compel consumers to act enjoy improved conversions, retention, and ROI.

Our insight-driven strategy and creative make sure you stay top of mind across the buyer’s journey. This allows you to connect with and persuade customers, whether they’re researching your product or are ready to make a purchase. Beyond purchase, we continue to drive actions and measure them. With learning and iteration, we keep sharpening our creativity so that you consistently perform.

4. Activating relevant data for growth

Less than one in five businesses in APAC have achieved high analytics maturity, even though over 90% believe data analytics is important to their organisation. Add to that multiple data sources, and brands struggle with identifying what data they should be analysing and how to interpret and activate it to unlock growth.

When it comes to data, we prioritise understanding who your customers are, how and why they’re using your products or services and how we can convert the relevant data into insights. Our data scientists analyse and report key patterns to drive intelligent decisions for marketing that lands at the right time along the path to purchase.

If smart extraction and interpretation drive smarter insights, then continuous optimisation leads to performance gains and new value. We optimise your marketing initiatives by analysing what doesn’t work as much as what does, helping our creative evolve and ensuring your efforts match the moment. This enables your brand to stay updated with changing consumer interactions and behaviour, and better deliver efficiencies and experiences that matter.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Ready to take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns and drive performance with data-driven decisions? We can help. 

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