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Brands that win during a recession

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 15 April 2020

Why marketing shouldn't be the first budget to face the axe in tough economic times. Download our free report now…

Inside Knowledge – Episode 4: Moving beyond discounting

Author: Steve Lister 04 March 2020

How to beat the discounters without destroying your margins

Inside Knowledge – Episode 3: How to be profitably green in retail

Author: Steve Lister 12 February 2020

How to get your retail business to be both profitable and sustainable

Inside Knowledge – Episode 2: The changing face of retail

Author: Steve Lister 28 January 2020

The retail landscape is changing at a remarkable speed, and with it comes big challenges but also some opportunities…

Inside Knowledge – Episode 1: What’s in store for 2020…

Author: Steve Lister 27 January 2020

From a focus on sustainability to data driven retail, explore three big trends in retail this year

Why customer-centricity is the missing link for auto brands

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 06 November 2019

An influx of new players in the automotive market operating with the agility of tech start-ups are turning consumers’ heads. So, how do you turn them back? Here...

Why data and media agencies should collaborate

Author: Maria Simao 25 September 2019

In a data-rich and technology-intensive environment, marketing is becoming increasingly complex. It’s almost impossible for one brand or agency to be an expert ...

How to win with 1 to 1 social

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 11 September 2019

The explosion of social media marketing makes attribution back to a single channel harder than ever. How do you get closer to your customers on social with the ...

Keeping the love alive…

Author: Sam Castillo 27 August 2019

ITV’s Love Island has lured audiences night after night. You could say it’s a love magnet. But like most holiday romances, viewer engagement tends to fizzle out...

Why a Whole Brain Approach creates truly transformative marketing

Author: Genevieve Flintham 04 July 2019

There’s a worrying disconnect between data and creative across the marketing profession. But as Indicia’s Head of Insight and Data Strategy Genevieve Flintham r...

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