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Knowledge sharing

Webinars: the marketers' lockdown recovery guide

Author: Alan Thorpe 23 July 2020

Exploring the steps you can take to get ahead of the world’s reopening post lockdown

How to deliver data-driven digital journeys across devices

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 15 July 2020

Personalised, joined up user experiences are the way to go for digital marketers – but it's hard to achieve. Here's how you do it…

6 questions retailers can answer with predictive analytics

Author: Katherine Brand 10 July 2020

How retailers can transform their marketing by leveraging predictive analytics techniques to solve business problems…

Getting started with predictive analytics

Author: Katherine Brand 10 July 2020

The ability to predict outcomes has a huge benefit to marketers. Here’s how predictive analytics can transform your marketing fortunes, and how to kick off…

Explore marketing’s tensions – you’ll find potential for new value

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 24 June 2020

Understanding marketing’s evolving landscape can help your brand drive efficiency and performance

Turning new normal into new value

Author: Harris Atkins 24 June 2020

How you can emerge stronger in the post-pandemic world

Why it’s time marketers throw out their supply chain soup

Author: Alan Thorpe 24 June 2020

Fragmented buying of marketing services doesn’t serve the best interests of your brand. There’s a smarter way…

Find your groove with analytics

Author: Steve Lowell 24 June 2020

Less flower power and more brain power – why the 70s science of analytics is coming back full circle

What happened to the marketer in marketing?

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 24 June 2020

If marketing is about people, what about the people who do the marketing?

Why I’ve banned the term ‘added value’

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 24 June 2020

The creation of value can’t be an optional extra when agencies deal with brands – value is the purpose of any agency service

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