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Knowledge sharing

5 tips to supercharge your sustainability credentials

Author: Steve Lister 28 February 2019

Is email a spent force in marketing?

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 05 February 2019

Why email will never go out of style – and why greater data sophistication means you can do to more to make sure your email strategy gets results…

Top Trends of 2019, and what they mean for your brand

Author: Josie Carnaby 30 January 2019

Glamorised dystopia, redirected narrative and travelling hotels, we look at the consumer trends of 2019…

CIM Marketing Excellence Awards gives Dacia Way a nomination

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 22 January 2019

Our brand building digital campaign, featuring a 1970s smash hit tune, has got a bit of awards buzz…

Gillette cuts in on the new gender politics

Author: James Hazell 18 January 2019

The best a man can be… Our Digital and Data Operations Analyst James Hazell explores how Gillette tweaked its message for a ‘woke’ world

CES 2019: What does IoT, 5G and voice mean for marketing?

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 17 January 2019

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas over for another year, we pick out the big trends that marketers and consumers alike will be mulling over in the...

Christmas debrief: how did the high street fare?

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 08 January 2019

With the holiday shopping season done for another year, we assess the aftermath – and find glimmers of hope for brands that understand the new retail landscape…

Keeping it real – why printed marketing still resonates

Author: Maria Simao 31 December 2018

In a world where young people have been raised in a digital-first, media-saturated world, it’s easy to assume that digital is the only way to engage with them.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Indicia!

Author: Yves Rogivue 14 December 2018

Our global family got together to bring you this special festive message.

How to tap into the subconscious processes behind impulse buying

Author: Steve Lister 13 December 2018

It’s tempting to believe that us marketers wield influence over every choice a consumer ever makes. But the truth is, as many as 70% of these decisions are made...

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