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Indicia Worldwide: a new, better normal for KMMS and Indicia

Author: Yves Rogivue 21 May 2020

A new brand identity for KMMS and Indicia, and a radical new way to buy marketing services – Indicia Worldwide has landed…

10 tips for running a successful integrated marketing campaign

Author: Tsuey Lee 18 May 2020

In a world of channel fragmentation and dwindling budgets, integrated marketing is tough. Here's how to get on top of it and connect to consumers on their terms...

How to measure the effectiveness of your point of sale marketing

Author: Steve Lowell 01 May 2020

It’s now possible to track the incremental sales driven by your POS campaigns, as Indicia’s Director of Insight and Data Steve Lowell reveals…

Webinar: Rebuild retail sales post lockdown

Author: Alan Thorpe 24 April 2020

What will retail be like post lockdown? Understand the potential new normal, and explore tech and data solutions that will set your brand up to win, with this f...

Brands that win during a recession

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 15 April 2020

Why marketing shouldn't be the first budget to face the axe in tough economic times. Download our free report now…

Inside Knowledge – Episode 4: Moving beyond discounting

Author: Steve Lister 04 March 2020

How to beat the discounters without destroying your margins

Inside Knowledge – Episode 3: How to be profitably green in retail

Author: Steve Lister 12 February 2020

How to get your retail business to be both profitable and sustainable

Inside Knowledge – Episode 2: The changing face of retail

Author: Steve Lister 28 January 2020

The retail landscape is changing at a remarkable speed, and with it comes big challenges but also some opportunities…

Inside Knowledge – Episode 1: What’s in store for 2020…

Author: Steve Lister 27 January 2020

From a focus on sustainability to data driven retail, explore three big trends in retail this year

Why customer-centricity is the missing link for auto brands

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 06 November 2019

An influx of new players in the automotive market operating with the agility of tech start-ups are turning consumers’ heads. So, how do you turn them back? Here...

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