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Nike’s new flagship store in New York: Is this the future?

Author: Steve Lister 20 November 2018

Sports giant Nike has built a new shop in NYC that’s queue-free and phone-led – it’s barely like shopping at all. Our Head of Retail Performance Steve Lister ca...

5 data principles every marketer needs to understand

Author: Steve Lowell 07 November 2018

Why understanding data is essential in modern marketing – and what you need to know…

Why you need to embrace smart segmentation

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 06 November 2018

You probably have more customer data building up than ever before. But do you know what to do with it? Here's how not to drown in data, but use it to create rea...

The future of retail: Our predictions

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 18 October 2018

Retail is facing unprecedented change, and physical stores have their work cut out to stay afloat. We predict what we think will take retail by storm in the com...

AR, VR, MR – how brands can play with new realities

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 16 October 2018

What’s your reality – plain, augmented, virtual, or mixed? Our Digital Director Andy Hawkes talks through alternate realities and what they’re good for…

What can we learn from Amazon?

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 28 September 2018

The online behemoth, now a trillion-dollar business, succeeds in being a consumer’s dream and a deeply unpopular business at the same time. But what can we lear...

5 retail lessons from Thread.com: Converting the bored shopper

Author: Andy Penfold 28 September 2018

How do you cut through the boredom some men feel when shopping for clothes? For our Head of Marketing Andy Penfold, personal shopping site Thread.com has a few ...

Is Pick’n’Mix ready for a comeback?

Author: Steve Lister 28 September 2018

Bulk packaging systems are springing up in most major food stores across the country. This blog post explores the opportunity to use these systems to appeal tod...

Brands in the era of voice

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 17 August 2018

Are voice interface like Amazon Alexa or Google home going to “kill brand”?

Beware of the Phantom Brands

Author: Indicia Worldwide team 15 August 2018

With the rise of private label within the retail market we explore what it means for your brand…

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